Steven Sepvest Corporation is a system integrator specializing in optical instruments and equipment since 2002. We are proudly teaming up with HG Laser, one of the largest laser equipment manufacturers in China, to provide high performance and cost effective custom laser manufacturing solutions that are widely used in automobile, aviation, electronics, semiconductor, petrochemical, packaging, food, medicine and medical industries. Our products include standalone or online laser marking systems, laser cutter, laser welder, laser surface treatment systems, laser drillers and many other industrial laser equipment.

We adopt many kinds of lasers, with high accuracy motion controls, to generates highly reliable and precise automatic equipment and product lines that replaces old technologies. Major components are manufactured in US, Germany, Japan, GB, Australia, etc. They are truly globally manufactured with the best of the best technologies and crafts! We are excited to see new applications of our laser equipment almost everyday by our customers worldwide. Please contact us to discuss your applications!

HG Laser Factory


Laser applications are developing fast. Industry lasers are powerful, reliable, and lower and lower in cost. By adding the laser into automatic industry environment, the system can perform many jobs a lot more efficiently with higher precision and lower overall costs. Here we list just a few:

Laser Marking

Laser marking is one of the most popular laser processing technologies. Laser marking is local irradiation in substances with high energy laser beam to make it evaporate rapidly and color change by physical or chemical reaction. These markers are permanent and hard to remove.

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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting machine is widely used in cutting many different materials like steel, rubber, plastic, ceramic, diamond, Si Wafer, etc etc. Laser cutting consists of laser vaporization cutting, laser fusion cutting, laser oxygen cutting, laser scribing and control fracture. We provide automatic material feeding, loading, cutting, marking, etc.

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Laser Welding

Laser welding machine is one of the most common laser processing equipment. The heat affected zone, welding joints, welding efficiency are important indicators of welding technology.

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