We provide cost effective high quality CVD diamond. Our factory uses two manufacturing methods: Microwave, and DC Arc Plasma Jet. We volume manufacture large sizes polycrystalline CVD Diamond wafers, and some high purity single crystal CVD Diamond. Custom sizes and shapes available. Diamond coating available for some applications. Please contact us discuss your applications.

Many of our diamonds are used in the following areas:

  • mechanic tools
  • electronics substrates
  • thermal management
  • optical windows
  • Science and Research

CVD diamond has high abrasive ratio, high thermal conductivity, and high uniformity. It is replacing natural diamond in many mechanical tools. It is widely used in diamond dressing tools, diamond cutting tools, diamond wire drawing die blanks, etc.

Diamond has the highest thermal conductivity in the world. Our CVD diamond thermal conductivity was measured to be up to 2000 W/(m·K), which makes it the best choice for heat spreader and heat sink.

Our CVD Diamond is transparent from the UV to the far infrared, and it is hard, and chemically stable, therefore it has a lot of optical applications.  

Diamond has large band gap (5.45 ev), thus it is very suitable for semiconductor applications. It prevents thermally generated charge carriers at elevated temperatures. 

You probably have some new applications for our CVD Diamond. We would love to hear that. Please contact us!


CVD Diamond for Tools

CVD Diamond for Electronics

CVD Diamond for Thermal Management

CVD Diamond for Optical Windows